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RDH Coaches: Bus Hire in Sussex

Jul 04th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire

Do you know the difference between a bus and a coach? Surprisingly few people do! After a quick survey of friends and family it became clear that many people talk about bus hire when they actually want a coach – and as coaches are our business, we want to get rid of any confusion!

To go entirely back to basics, here at RDH we provide a private coach hire service: when you hire one of our vehicles it is for the sole use of your party and will travel to the specific destination of your choice. A bus, on the other hand, is public transport contracted by the local council. Hopefully this much was clear, anyway!

It’s not just purpose that determines the difference, there are physical qualities too. A bus has room for standing passengers, whereas a coach has far more comfortable seats, storage space for luggage and – importantly – will always have seat belts. However, size isn’t a determining factor – the world famous London buses are huge, but certainly not for hire!

So, when you ask to hire a bus, or search for a bus hire company in Sussex, Brighton or London – do you actually want a coach?! It may sound pernickety, and it probably isn’t the kind of fact you’ll often bring out to entertain at a dinner party, but we spend a lot of time around our lovely coaches (not buses) and hopefully, as this guide has shown, it’s a differentiation that matters!