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Coach Hire Quotes – what to look for!

Sep 19th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire

We’re usually quite modest, but we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to pricing a coach hire quote! For over thirty years our coach manager has been pricing up local, national and international journeys and striving to offer a coach service that is extremely professional and very affordable. Regardless if this is the first time you’ve needed to hire a coach or if you travel far and wide all year round, we hope that our handy tips will help you get the very best price for your coach hire quote.

  • Our number one definitely-most-important piece of advice is…¬†Check for hidden costs!!

At RDH we ensure that our customers are fully aware of extra costs, such as parking prices, tunnel fares or toll fees. If your journey requires a coach to park in a large town or city, or you’re travelling abroad, be sure to ask the operator what extras (if any) you may be expected to pay. You should feel comfortable in asking for a breakdown of your coach hire quote, so that you know exactly what you’re paying – never be afraid to double check!

  • Secondly, ¬†make sure you’ve booked the right sized vehicle.

Don’t laugh – we know this might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to inform the operator when group sizes change prior to travel. There might be an opportunity for your coach operator to allocate your journey to a vehicle in a different price bracket, which could save you money! It’s especially important if you’re after a coach hire quote for a particularly large or particularly small number of passengers.

  • This leads us to thirdly… which is be as precise as possible with your booking.

Coaches and Drivers are often on a schedule of several trips during one day, so if you have very definite pick-up and drop-off times then we know exactly what we can and can’t do for you. Basically, the more information you give, the more accurate your coach hire quote will be. Again, it’s not rocket science, but as a prevalent supermarket chain would say, every little helps! That said, a willingness to be flexible is always greatly appreciated!

We hope it goes without saying that if you need any help or advice whilst looking for the best coach hire quote, we’re more than happy to be of assistance! Fill out a quotation form through our website, or give us a call on 01444 470 000. We look forward to hearing about your journey!