Category: Sussex Coach Hire

Remember, Remember…

Nov 05th, 2014 in category Company News, Sussex Coach Hire
It’s that time of year again. There’s a bite in the air, a palpable excitement and the streets are full of panicked, last-minute shoppers. Shoppers buying fireworks, because, just to clarify, we’re not talking about Christmas: tonight is Bonfire Night....
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Kent Coach Hire in 2014

Aug 21st, 2014 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Hello! It’s been a very hectic summer season for RDH, Our coaches are primed, the phones are ringing and we’ve been taking you all around the country for school trips, holidays, conferences, sight-seeing – whatever’s taken your fancy! This...
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RDH Coaches: London School Trip

Jun 26th, 2014 in category Sussex Coach Hire
We’ve seen a lot of London school trips. Really, we have. We’ve been there, done it all and worn an embarrassing I <3 LDN t-shirt. So there’s one thing we know to be true: planning a London school trip...
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RDH – UK Coach Companies

Jun 18th, 2014 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Can you believe it’s almost July? It’s a very hot day in the RDH office – but never too hot for a cuppa. As all UK coach companies will know, though, this is a crucial time of the year....
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Coach Hire Quotes – what to look for!

Sep 19th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
We’re usually quite modest, but we consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to pricing a coach hire quote! For over thirty years our coach manager has been pricing up local, national and international journeys and striving to...
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RDH Coach Hire for School Trips!

Jul 26th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Providing coach hire for school trips, perhaps unsurprisingly, makes up a large proportion of our yearly calendar. I’m not just talking about the daily school runs we do at 8am and 3pm for schools across the county; RDH Coaches...
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West Sussex Coach Hire

Jul 26th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Looking for West Sussex coach hire? Look no further! The RDH Coaches yard is nestled in the fields between Wivelsfield and Haywards Heath; a perfect location from which to provide you with friendly and professional West Sussex coach hire....
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RDH Coaches: Bus Hire in Sussex

Jul 04th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Do you know the difference between a bus and a coach? Surprisingly few people do! After a quick survey of friends and family it became clear that many people talk about bus hire when they actually want a coach...
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RDH Coach Hire: Gatwick Airport

Jun 07th, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
Every year a whopping 32 million people pass through Gatwick Aiport to travel far and wide; in 2012 the most popular destination was Malaga, but travellers are increasingly choosing up-and-coming destinations like Berlin, Cancun and Dubai. Where would you choose?! Our trusty coaches will be picking up and...
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This Week: What’s on in Brighton!

Jun 03rd, 2013 in category Sussex Coach Hire
When we’re not busying ourselves with the buses (coaches, really, but everyone likes a little alliteration), we love to make the most of what Brighton has to offer. With the sun shining down on us this week, here’s what...
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